Painting the Canvas of Luxury

High Ex Drywall & Paint specializes in transforming spaces into luxurious, high-end environments through their painting and finishing services.

Transforming Dreams into Reality

High Ex Drywall & Paint’s commitment to turning their clients’ design and renovation aspirations into tangible, beautiful spaces.

Over 20 Years of Experience

High Ex Drywall & Paint takes pride in being clean and on schedule. We work with you to take your project to the next stage, including the smallest details. We paper floors, clean out lightboxes and vacuum all floor rims and window sills.

Whether you are building a new home, apartment complex, or townhouses, we have the ability and manpower to give you the services and quality that exceeds your EXPECTATION.

Our Services

Smooth Walls/Ceiling

Install Drywall

Drywall Priming

Drywall Finishing

Full Drywall Service

Different Textures

Interior & Exterior Painting

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Featured Work

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Brown And White

With our expertise at High Ex Drywall and painting spanning several years, we’ve finished painting the exterior of this magnificent luxury residence, showcasing a captivating blend of two contrasting colors. Contact us today to benefit from our services.

White And Pastel

Nestled within a stunning multi-level stone structure, we’ve skillfully catered to the homeowners’ desires by implementing a two-tone contrast that highlights the unique contours of this extraordinary dwelling. Get in touch with us today to explore how you can leverage our services.


“Just wanted to touch base and say thank you for the great job on the drywall Project done at my house. The sheetrockers and tapers were very professional.

I was very impressed on how they papered the floor and cleaned up after the job. Thanks.”

Dale Dahl

Dahl Builders

“Thanks for being a great partner in business, we appreciate everything that you guys do in supporting our business. You are very quick to respond to anything that helps in the field.

I’m looking forward to future projects with you, thanks again.”

Josh Schaefer

Summit Series Homes

“Highex has been working with Stonewood for just over a year, and their work has been of the highest quality. Along with the quality of the end product, David and the others re great to work with. They communicate well, and meet the schedules that they outline. They make our work easier! They are eager to get the work done, and done correctly. It is apparent in the way that they do business that they are driven to take care of us, and provide our clients the best possible product.

I like that they are a family business, like ours, and they take their work very personally. We’d highly recommend them, and would be happy to take calls to discuss our experience further.”

J. Sven Gustafson

Stonewood, LLC